Wine List

We are very proud to bring our customers wines from all over the world.  We start with our own backyard, wineries just a short drive from Chico.  We proceed to Napa, Sonoma, Carneros, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Paso Robles, Santa Rita and many other areas in California where world renowned wines are produced.  We love what our Oregon and Washington neighbors are producing and thus we have representation from them as well.  With wines and in life we must not forget what and where we came from so we move on to Rhone Valley, Bordeaux, Bourgogne and other areas of France.  Italian Reds go very well with our cuisine so it is a must that we always have a Sangiovese or a Montepulciano on hand.  We very much enjoy what is happening with wines in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and New Zealand so you will see these beautiful countries represented as well.  We love tasting and learning so we promise this list will always be rotating in the attempt to find the next best wine as well as to bring back beautiful classics.